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Introducing 'eCom Product Analyst' Baresquare's custom GPT for E-commerce Product Performance Analysis

December 5, 2023
3 min read
Introducing 'eCom Product Analyst' Baresquare's custom GPT for E-commerce Product Performance Analysis

Staying ahead of the curve in the world of e-commerce is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. At Baresquare, we understand this imperative and consistently strive to deliver innovative solutions that empower businesses. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the 'eCom Product Analyst,' a custom GPT tool designed to help you out with e-commerce product performance analysis. Released just in time for the holidays, this tool can be an asset for businesses looking to optimize their online presence and sales strategies.

What is 'eCom Product Analyst'?

'eCom Product Analyst' is not just another analytics app; it's more of an analytics assistant, tailored specifically for e-commerce product analysis. By capitalizing on the power of OpenAI, this custom GPT provides deep insights into product performance, identifying trends and patterns that are crucial for making informed business decisions.

Integration with Google Analytics

Understanding the importance of familiar and reliable data sources, 'eCom Product Analyst' seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics through the enterprise-graded security of the Baresquare platform. It automatically loads standardized reports, focusing on the top products over the last two days, ensuring that the analysis is both current and relevant. This integration not only simplifies the data aggregation process but also ensures that the insights are based on comprehensive and accurate data. 

Insights and Trends Analysis

The core of the 'eCom Product Analyst' lies in its ability to surface critical insights and trends. It thoroughly analyzes data to provide a range of key insights, including:

  • Top Performing Products: Identifying which products are leading in sales and popularity.
  • Notable Revenue Generators: Pinpointing products that are making a significant impact on your revenue stream.
  • Conversion Rates: Understanding how effectively your products are converting views into sales.
  • Cart-to-View Rates: Analyzing the ratio of products added to carts versus views, a vital metric for e-commerce success.

These insights are not just numbers; they can provide the necessary context to start your day with a quick understanding of product performance.

Recommendations and Strategies

Beyond analysis, 'eCom Product Analyst' provides AI-derived recommendations and strategies. Whether it's advising on promotional focuses, suggesting inventory adjustments, or offering insights into enhancing customer engagement, the custom GPT is designed to be a proactive partner in your e-commerce strategy.

A product analysis example for Acme Inc.
A product analysis for Acme Inc.

Benefits of Using 'eCom Product Analyst' During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a critical time for any e-commerce business. 'eCom Product Analyst' is especially valuable during this period, providing daily insights that enable businesses to make quick, data-driven decisions. From utilizing emerging trends to optimizing holiday-specific marketing campaigns, this tool is your ally in maximizing holiday sales.

How to activate

User experience is at the heart of 'eCom Product Analyst.' We’ve designed a super-simple journey to connect your data to the custom GPT. Here is a step-by-step guide: 

  1. Sign up for Baresquare at Baresquare.com & create an account
  2. Navigate to the Apps page
  3. Install the “Custom GPT - eCom product analyst” app
The "Custom GPT - eCom product analyst” app
  1. In the email you received with the subject “Baresquare: Interacting with your GA4 data through GPT”, you will find the link to the custom GPT and the secret key you need to provide to access your e-commerce data through the custom GPT
  2. Open the custom GPT and use the prompt “Start for secret key [enter your secret key here]”

Ready to supercharge your e-commerce game this holiday season?

Try out 'eCom Product Analyst' now! We'd love to hear how it's transforming your business. Happy analyzing!

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