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Stop wasting budget and resources due to errors and underperforming activities.
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Always be optimizing

When you know more, you can do more. Cut ads that don’t click, double down on top-performers, and free up spend for more testing, iterating, and learning.

See insights sooner

Goodbye time-consuming data wrangling and analysis. Hello clear, actionable insights—served up daily, and prioritized by business impact.

Boost productivity

Let the machines automate the tedious tasks so you can focus your energy on  strategy, performance, and creating new ways to grow your business.
Fix errors from day 1

Fix errors on day 1

With faster time to insight and reduced noise around data issues, Baresquare helps you resolve red flags as soon as they arise.
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Spot error pages stat: Baresquare surfaces instances where visitors land on “Page Not Found” error, so you can fix broken customer journeys before they become costly.
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Keep tracking on track: Resolve untracked campaigns or other tracking issues to ensure you’re operating with the most up-to-date metrics.
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Achieve data accuracy: Baresquare’s ongoing data quality assurance process detects and fixes broken tags—ensuring your tagging is reliable and your data is trustworthy.
Customer STORIES

Real stories, real results

See how our software helped performance marketers quickly resolve these common, costly issues.

Untracked campaign

A traffic spike from the Social Organic channel led to the discovery of a paid campaign that went live without tracking.

Wrong landing page

An unexpected increase in Bounce Rate from the Display channel was caused by an ad that pointed to the wrong landing page.

Under-performing campaign

A traffic spike from the Social Organic channel led to the discovery of a paid campaign that went live without tracking.

Be inspired by insights

On paper, Baresquare technology surfaces valuable insights. But these insights often change the way growth marketers like you think about customer acquisition strategy—and how you can take your performance marketing to the next level.

Financial Impact

Easily calculate the potential revenue impact of insights.

Key Metric Correlations

Understand the relationships between different metrics.

GPT Recommendations

Get personalized, data-driven tips based on specific business needs and goals

Unite Your Marketing Data Ecosystem

Connect all your data sources to ensure a comprehensive view of your marketing performance—and to help drive a higher return on ad spend.
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