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Take risk out of the equation and make more strategic revenue decisions based on—and backed by—Baresquare’s data-driven insights.
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Revenue up and to the right

Drive growth, optimize spend, and maximize your revenue with Baresquare’s  data-driven customer acquisition and retention strategies.

See insights sooner to act faster

Goodbye time-consuming data wrangling and analysis. Hello actionable insights—served up daily, and prioritized by business impact.

Drive productivity and innovation

Let the machines automate the tedious tasks so you can focus your energy on accelerating the growth of your business.
Fix errors from day 1

Drive growth with precise data

Get a competitive edge with Baresquare’s accurate—and actionable—customer data.
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Optimize marketing investments with clean data: Baresquare finds and fixes lost campaign data, providing clean data for its AI models to perform at full capacity.
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Drive subscription growth without bot noise: Baresquare can distinguish between human and bot visitors so you can optimize your subscription and paywall strategies.
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Attain data integrity: See complete conversion data across affiliate and marketplace channels and make more informed decisions to maximize revenue from your partners.
Customer STORIES

Real stories, real results

See how our software helped revenue leaders pinpoint problems and maximize growth.

New revenue streams

An impressions spike from a new publisher led our ad-tech client to immediately monetize their new inventory.

Issues in the conversion funnel

A sharp drop in conversion clicks highlighted a code error in a recent update that interfered with the where-to-buy service provider.

Optimizing monetization

A change in the commission rate of an affiliate partner triggered a publisher to switch all the affected links and avoid losing revenue.

Be inspired by insights

On paper, Baresquare technology surfaces valuable insights. But these insights often transform the way revenue leaders like you think about acquisition, growth, and retention.

Financial Impact

Easily calculate the potential revenue impact of insights.

Key Metric Correlations

Understand the relationships between different metrics.

GPT Recommendations

Get personalized, data-driven tips based on specific business needs and goals.

All Your Revenue Streams and Insights At Your Fingertips

Connect all your data sources — including subscriptions, affiliate and marketplace channels — and get a comprehensive view of your revenue performance to inform your next steps for growth.
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