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Better product adoption

Boost engagement and drive usage by making data-driven improvements.

Faster insights discovery

Say goodbye to time-consuming data wrangling and hello to daily insights.

Increased productivity

Save time by automating tedious tasks, and spend more time doing what you love.
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Reliable data, better experiences

Empower your digital product team with data-driven insights and user-centered design.
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Trace every customer's origin: Fix problems with mistracked campaigns to ensure that every customer journey can be traced back to the top-of-funnel.
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Improve for people, not bots: Distinguish bot traffic from true customer behavior—and create a better experience for engagement and conversion.
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Have confidence in tagging: Ensure that your data is accurate and reliable with always-on data QA specifically designed to detect broken tagging.
Customer STORIES

Real stories, real results

See how our software helped product owners quickly resolve these common, costly issues.

Outdated content hurts sales

A drop in Orders caused by an old banner -still live on the website - promoting end-of-season products at their original price.

Subscription rate issue

A decrease in subscription rate from mobile devices was due to a bug in the latest website release.

Localization issue

Increased traffic from irrelevant countries indicated that many users were consuming content in the wrong language.

Be inspired

Create exceptional digital products and experiences with Baresquare.

Our technology not only surfaces valuable insights, but also inspires you to think about new possibilities for user-centered design and development.

Financial Impact

Quickly and easily calculate the potential revenue impact of insights.

Key Metric Correlations

Understand the relationships between different key metrics.

GPT Recommendations

Personalized, data-driven tips based on specific business needs and goals.

Data-Driven Product Development

Connect all your data sources to get a complete view of your customers, make informed product development decisions, and boost conversion rates.
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