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Data. Analysis. Action.

Baresquare lets you skip a step.

Get daily business insights and actions served up with your morning coffee using Baresquare’s scalable AI-powered analytics platform.

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Meet your action engine.

Watch our demo to see how you can change the way you use data. Let Baresquare do the heavy lifting for you. So you can focus on driving results.
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Know sooner.
Act faster.

Baresquare automates the analysis of your existing analytics dashboards to find and surface outliers, trends, blindspots that impact your bottom line—while saving you hundreds of hours of analysis time.

Spot trends and blindspots 24/7.

See when traffic spikes, conversion sinks, or buttons break with 24/7 anomaly detection.
List of prioritized actions

Act instantly with smart alerts.

Get prioritized daily action items routed to the right people, in simple language and with clear next steps. 
Continuous improvement

Next-gen analytics that scale.

Our AI learns the KPIs that matter most to your business and gets smarter over time. 

Work smarter, together.

Seamlessly collaborate with teams using our Integrated Knowledge Base, which tracks every task.

See how our system integrates with yours.

Whether you’re working in Baresquare’s Smart Workflow or other leading collaboration tools,
we’ll help transform your data into action.
How Baresquare system integrates with yours.
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