MEET TYWIN The World's 1st
Autonomous eCommerce Agent

60x faster detection

slash the time to identify

opportunities like

10x your team productivity

amp it up like

Instant Clarity

Tywin stays on top of your web analytics data, campaign calendars, revenue plans and all the dashboards you’re tired of visiting.

If sales are down, Tywin provides an explanation in plain language, automatically recommending and executing corrective actions.

An Army of AI Agents

It's not enough to know when something's not working. Tywin will invoke an army of AI agents that will do the work for you

Autonomous deep-dive analysis on multiple data sources:

- Marketing Channels and Campaigns
- Customer Experience
- Inventory
- Promo calendars

Online market research across competitors to confirm:

- Merchandising strategies
- Availability
- Pricing

We’ve equipped Tywin with the most accurate and reliable crawling agent. It's 3 times better than ChatGPT.

Hire Tywin


"What used to take 5 hours now takes just 5 minutes.

It frees up our time to focus on creating impactful content and staying ahead in the fast-paced world of fashion and eCommerce."

Clarissa Schmidt

eCommerce Manager, Vogue

"With Tywin, a human action triggers 10 AI-driven actions.

Also, the time to identify and resolve issues drop by 85%. But the true power lies in AI actions working seamlessly in the background."

Stephanie White

Strategy & Operations, Sony

"In the first week, Tywin identified a growth opportunity of 1% increase in annual demand.

Success in eCommerce hinges on compounding effects. With Tywin, we leverage this advantage effectively."

Anh Vu-Lieberman

CEO, ModCloth


London, UK - June 25, 2024 – Baresquare, an AI-powered data analytics platform, today announced the launch of its next generation platform, including the industry’s first fully autonomous eCommerce AI agent called Tywin.

Tywin redefines eCommerce workflows by swiftly handling tasks that once took hours, completing them in minutes, and autonomously executing recommended actions to optimize revenue. Tywin is projected to provide 60 times faster detection of revenue issues and opportunities, and a tenfold improvement in team productivity by leveraging action automation.

Specializing in AI agent eCommerce workflows, Tywin monitors marketing campaigns and customer experience errors, creates revenue forecasts and targets, performs competitive pricing and inventory analysis, checks online for SEO, AIO, and even reviews external factors such as weather data and major news events.