Privacy Policy


In Short: We access and utilize data from registered users (both free and paid subscriptions) through specific resources to boost eCommerce and SEO performance, ensuring no personally identifiable information (PII) is processed.

This section of our privacy policy applies exclusively to registered users of the Baresquare app, encompassing both our free and paid subscription services. Our aim is to provide enhanced analytics and insights by securely connecting with selected resources under the following protocols:

  • Google Analytics Data API: For users with an active account, our app retrieves data from your Google Analytics property, focusing on eCommerce metrics like item views, cart additions, checkouts, purchases, revenue figures, item categories, and transaction dates. We take strict measures to ensure that no PII is processed, upholding your privacy and data protection.
  • Google Search Console API: Access to Google Search Console data allows us to analyze keywords, landing pages, clicks, impressions, and rankings to refine your SEO strategy effectively.
  • Google Sheets API: With your consent, Baresquare accesses specific Google Sheets that you designate during setup. This is to understand the business context influencing the anomalies identified from the analytics data, aiding in the strategic planning of your eCommerce campaigns.


In Short: Data from registered users may be shared with third parties solely with user consent, ensuring protection against training use, public disclosure, or unauthorized third-party access.

Our commitment to the privacy of registered users extends to the careful sharing of data with third-party AI models. Such sharing is intended to enhance the services offered through the Baresquare app and is conducted under stringent conditions. These include prohibitions on using your data for model training, public dissemination, or visibility to unauthorized third parties. We safeguard your data through comprehensive data protection agreements with our third-party service providers.


In Short: Registered users have complete control over their data, with the ability to manage consent and permissions at any time.

The foundation of our data access and sharing practices is your explicit consent. As a registered user, whether on a free or paid subscription, you have full authority over the permissions you grant to the Baresquare app. Our platform ensures transparency, allowing you to modify or withdraw these permissions through your account settings at any convenience. We are dedicated to providing you with clear options to manage your data preferences securely and effectively.

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