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Dive deeper with a follow-up analysis

February 1, 2023
1 min read
Dive deeper with a follow-up analysis

Introducing our new "Follow-up Analysis" feature for Baresquare tickets!

At Baresquare, we understand the importance of understanding "why" an anomaly occurred, in addition to just knowing "what" and "where" it happened. That's why we're excited to announce our newest feature, the "Follow-up Analysis" (FUA), which allows users to dive deeper into reported anomalies and gain more insights.

How it works

FUA provides additional analysis on Baresquare tickets, by analyzing other metrics and identifying more micro-segments (combinations of dimensions) beyond the ones already reported in the ticket. This feature can help users understand more about the underlying causes of an anomaly.

Currently, FUA is supported for Google Analytics datasets only, and for the "Entrances" and "Bounce Rate" metrics. Users will be able to access the "Follow-up Analysis" tab in the advanced statistics section below the ticket's description when the feature is enabled.


Additionally, Baresquare algorithm triggers different "recipes" (types of analysis) depending on the conditions identified in each case. For now, the following "recipes" have been implemented:

  1. New/Returning users by Geolocation
  2. Site speed
  3. Untracked/mistracked campaigns
  4. Bot Traffic

By using our FUA feature, you'll be able to gain more valuable insights and better understand why anomalies are occurring. Try it out today and see the difference it makes in your data analysis and reporting.

Learn more

You can learn more by reading our support article on How does follow-up analysis work?

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