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404 Error Hound: hunting down & fixing website errors with AI Power

July 11, 2023
3 min read
404 Error Hound: hunting down & fixing website errors with AI Power

We have some paw-sitively exciting news for all our users, partners, and everyone working behind the scenes to make our products a delight to use. It's a day to remember—the launch of our newest application, the 404 Error Hound.

Riding the waves of AI and machine learning, 404 Error Hound is your newest ally in the struggle against website errors. It is a comprehensive tool that examines, categorizes, and aids in troubleshooting website issues, effectively elevating the user experience and boosting your site's SEO. Our tryst with AI brings to you a tool that promises to turn the narrative on website errors.

Delving deeper into the capabilities of 404 Error Hound, it seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to track page titles, pageviews, session channels, and page referrers. What sets our Hound apart is its ability to categorize errors based on their root causes such as from paid traffic, non-paid traffic, or internal traffic.

The Hound doesn't stop at this. Its powerful AI sidekick uses advanced algorithms to group critical errors based on URL and source parameters. Delivered in simple, natural language, these insights equip you to understand, prioritize, and address impending issues, exponentially improving website management. With a 28-day trendline for the error rate, continuous patterns and sudden spikes are no longer hidden quirks but identifiable issues that you can manage.

Believing in the democratizing power of no-code tools, our 404 Error Hound is designed to be used by anybody maintaining a digital presence. Be it an indie maker, a business owner, the developers of a high-traffic e-commerce website, or a multinational corporation managing thousands of pages across various regions.

We are thrilled to offer a 30-day free trial to let you explore the realm of systematic error management with our 404 Error Hound. It's a step towards efficient diagnosing and quicker resolution - an opportunity to drastically reduce your 'page not found' errors.

Remember, times spent in tracing errors and brainstorming the resolution can now be saved and channeled into what truly matters - delivering superior user experiences and driving online growth.

We are excited to see 404 Error Hound becoming an integral part of your technology stack. As you embark on this journey with our Hound, we remain committed to supporting you at every step. Your feedback will help us fine-tune the application and develop features that truly meet your needs.

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