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The problem with dashboards

January 25, 2023
1 min read
The problem with dashboards

Dashboards are helpful for businesses. Every once in a while, management wants to see numbers. It makes sense to have nice reports, updated automatically, visualized intuitively etc.

But dashboards are not useful for day-to-day performance monitoring & optimization. It's just too much to handle; The amount of metrics, breakdowns, granularities is overwhelming for analytics teams worldwide. Add to that, a shortage of talent in the industry.

Baresquare is bridging the gap between data and actions, by building a digital analyst on the cloud. Our platform takes the heavy lifting off the back of analytics teams, by harnessing automated data analysis.

We've just launched a stripped-down version of our product, available for everyone to experience. If you use Google Analytics and you'd like to monitor traffic & engagement to your website, sign up today to get a 30-day free trial. We'd love to hear back from you!

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