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Alerts Monitoring: A quick case study

August 23, 2023
3 min read
Alerts Monitoring: A quick case study

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses heavily rely on data analysis to drive informed decision-making. However, traditional reporting methods often fall short when it comes to delivering timely insights. Our case study demonstrates how a highly respected firm in the Digital Marketing domain harnesses various reporting dashboards, ranging from Excel to PowerBI and Google Data Studio. 

All of these produced reports have a delivery deadline 10 days after the reporting month has ended. Usually, the reports are delivered within 2 days of the deadline, and then the management schedules meetings to analyze and extract insights from these reports.

Having reached mid month, management is just now spotting spikes or lows in web traffic that have occurred over 30 days ago. The limitations of conventional reporting processes are surfacing.

Specifically, in the following chart, we can spot an increase in Natural Search Traffic for December. Thus, we can now (30+ days later) start analyzing and identifying the parameters contributing to this increase and over which time periods specifically.

Not exactly what you call efficient

Ideally it would be great for alerts to start firing up in December while the uptrend is beginning to heat up. As soon as the backend algorithm spots anomalies and detects pattern changes, send the proper message almost in real-time for management to notice a change in expected behavior. 

Not a month later, not after refreshing many individual dashboards, and certainly not after a mid month meeting about the previous month’s gained insights, but accurate real time alerts that capture trends in the moment. Which would also give management the ability to take immediate action and strengthen this uptrend even more thus gaining even more impactful results.

In today’s data landscape, relying solely on dashboards will not solve a lot. What the industry needs is automated monitoring & action triggering that would grant both analysts and management teams the time, peace of mind and clarity to reach immediate key insights. By detecting anomalies and pattern changes in real time, the management can take immediate action to strengthen positive trends and mitigate negative ones, resulting in more impactful outcomes.


At Baresquare, our vision is to be THE action engine, empowering analysts and management teams with automated monitoring and action triggering capabilities. Baresquare automates the analysis of your existing analytics dashboards to find and surface outliers, trends, blindspots that impact your bottom line—while saving you hundreds of hours of analysis time. 

In the era of data-driven decision-making, relying solely on traditional reporting dashboards is no longer sufficient. The need for real-time insights and automated monitoring has become paramount. So, if you work with tons of digital marketing data, and need  a companion that can free up the hands of your data analysts and deliver real time, immediate actionable insights, you know where to find us!

Connect any Google Analytics account you have access to with our free trial and enjoy accurate business impact insights!

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