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Boost Productivity: Essential Slack Apps for Seamless Workflows

October 17, 2023
11 min read
Boost Productivity: Essential Slack Apps for Seamless Workflows

Hello, Slack aficionados! Slack has revolutionized team collaboration, and the vast array of Slack apps available can take your productivity and communication to the next level. Today we will talk about some Slack Applications that will make your everyday life easier and boost your (and your team’s) productivity. 


Zapier is your trusty sidekick, seamlessly shuttling information between Slack and your favorite everyday apps, allowing you to keep your focus right where it matters most – on your crucial tasks.

With Zapier, you've got access to a vast array of supported apps, from Gmail to HubSpot and Typeform, plus many more. What's even better? In just a few short minutes, you can set up these magical automated workflows, aptly named "Zaps," to transform Slack into your team's ultimate command center.

These Zaps empower you to effortlessly bring calendar events, social media mentions, or fresh lead details directly into your chat, all without lifting a finger. You can even automate the creation of to-do list items when you save a message in Slack, making your workflow more efficient than ever.

So, what's on the menu when it comes to Zapier + Slack superpowers? Here are just a few tantalizing possibilities:

Get the scoop on new orders from your eCommerce app delivered right into a Slack channel.

Shift essential tasks out of Slack and into your project management or to-do app as soon as you save a message.

Share form responses instantly within a Slack channel, ensuring everyone's on the same page.

With Zapier and Slack working their magic together, your team's productivity is set to soar!

Zapier can also be used to connect Baresquare with Slack, in order to create push notifications for new tickets directly to any channel or DM. That way, you will be always up to date on new alerts related to your site! Follow this article to find out more.

You can find the Zapier Slack Application here


Let's dive into a nifty tool called the "Email" app in Slack, specially designed for paid users. With this app, you get the superpower to create a one-of-a-kind email address that can do some cool tricks. It can whisk your messages away to a specific channel or even slide into someone's DMs (Direct Messages).

Imagine having a unique email address at your disposal. You can use it to forward all sorts of crucial emails your way, like those pesky downtime alerts, daily weather forecasts, or even submissions from your website's contact form. It's like having your email talk directly to your Slack workspace – pretty handy, right? 📧🚀

You can find the Email Slack App here.

Slack for Gmail™

Effortlessly keep the conversation flowing by seamlessly merging email context into your Slack channel or direct messages. Thanks to the handy Slack for Gmail™ Add-On, which you can find in the G Suite Marketplace, this dynamic duo transforms your communication game.

Picture this: You receive an email, and you want to bring it into Slack to discuss it promptly and keep things moving forward. No sweat! You can choose to add a message and even attach files along with the email. It's all about keeping the dialogue in one place for maximum efficiency.

Now, when should you consider sending email into Slack? Well, there are plenty of moments when it makes perfect sense:

Is your email chain becoming a cacophony of noise? Swiftly send it into Slack, where you can engage in quick discussions and propel your project forward.

Have a brilliant idea you're itching to share with your team? Pass it along to the appropriate channel, complete with a note about your insights.

Need to coordinate a team response to a customer query? Rally your teammates in Slack and use the email content to provide crucial context.

With this harmonious blend of email and Slack, you're all set to keep those conversations moving and grooving! 

Add the Slack for Gmail™ in your workspace

Slack for Outlook

Elevate your communication game effortlessly with the magic of the Slack for Outlook Add-In, right there in the trusty Microsoft AppSource. This nifty tool makes sure your email content seamlessly glides into your Slack channels or direct messages, making your work-life balance a breeze.

Imagine this: You've got an email loaded with valuable info, and you want it to effortlessly merge with your Slack chats. Well, guess what? You can attach a message and toss in files along with your email, all in one swift move. It's like adding a sprinkle of productivity to your daily work mix.

But when should you tap into this powerhouse of an integration? Well, think about it for a sec – it's perfect when your email threads are turning into a wild jungle, when a spark of genius strikes, and you want to share it pronto with your team, or when you need to masterfully coordinate your team's response to a customer query. Slack for Outlook is your sidekick, ensuring your conversations stay in the fast lane to success! 

Find the Slack for Outlook here

Outlook Calendar

Let's keep your team in the loop about your availability and have your calendar right at your fingertips with real-time reminders right in Slack, all thanks to the seamless integration of Office 365 Outlook Calendar.

So, here's how Outlook Calendar in Slack can give your day an extra boost:

You can easily create events without switching apps, thanks to the handy shortcuts button in Slack. Your calendar syncs automatically with your Slack status, ensuring your team always knows if you're in a meeting, stepping away, or working remotely.

No more hopping between apps to check your schedule; your daily agenda is just a click away within Slack. And when it's time for an event, you'll receive a friendly notification. But it gets even better – you can hop into Hangouts, Zoom meetings, Webex sessions, or Microsoft Teams meetings right from your Slack calendar reminder, making everything super convenient!

Managing event invitations is a breeze. You can RSVP directly within Slack, stay updated if there are any changes, and tweak your response as needed.

Install the Outlook Calendar app here

Google Calendar

Picture a world where your daily schedule seamlessly integrates with your Slack workspace, effortlessly at your fingertips. Well, consider yourself fortunate! The marriage of Google Calendar and Slack brings you just that.

With this dynamic duo, you can say goodbye to the need for app-switching. Planning an event? No problem, you can create one right from Slack using the shortcuts button. Your colleagues will always be in the loop as your Slack status syncs automatically with your calendar, so they'll know when you're engrossed in a meeting or ready for a chat. And the best part? Your daily schedule is just a click away within Slack, keeping you in tune with your day's commitments.

But it doesn't stop there! You'll also receive timely notifications as events approach, allowing you to hop into Hangouts, Zoom, Webex, or Microsoft Teams meetings directly from your Slack calendar reminders. Responding to event invitations becomes a breeze, and you'll stay informed about any event changes without ever leaving your cozy Slack haven. In essence, the Google Calendar and Slack integration makes scheduling and event management a breeze, giving your productivity a boost right within the Slack ecosystem. 

Integrate your Google Calendar with your Slack workspace by clicking here

Jira Cloud

Jira is your team's best ally when it comes to unleashing your full potential with its powerful workflow and project tracking capabilities.

Now, with the Jira Cloud app, you can effortlessly stay in the loop without the need to hop between apps. Picture @jira as your ever-helpful sidekick, diligently sending personalized notifications straight from Jira Cloud to both you and your channels.

Once you've made the magic connection between a project and your channel, the fun begins. @jira, always on the ball, provides automatic previews of Jira issues whenever they're mentioned, seamlessly bridging your discussions to your Jira Cloud workspace. And here's the icing on the cake – you can even attach messages directly to Jira Cloud issues, forging valuable connections and checking them out right within the heart of Jira Cloud itself. What's more, creating Jira tickets? No sweat, all done without venturing outside the cozy realm of Slack!

Setting up subscriptions for one or more projects for your channel is as easy as pie, and when it comes to notifications, you're the boss. Tailor them to your liking, so you can zero in on what truly matters. With Jira and Slack working their magic together, your team is set for a productivity boost of epic proportions! 

Add the Jira Cloud app to your workspace here


Get ready to level up your virtual meetings and calls with Zoom right from your favorite Slack channels and direct messages! It's like having a magic wand for flawless video, crystal-clear audio, and instant screen sharing, all without breaking a sweat.

Using the handy /zoom slash command, you can kick off Zoom Meetings and make Zoom Phone calls seamlessly, whether you're in a Slack channel, private group, or direct message. Need to sketch out your ideas? No worries! You can easily share a Zoom Whiteboard with any Slack channel or direct message, complete with previews for users who have access to the file. Plus, everyone gets a friendly notification when you share – talk about staying in the loop!

The icing on the cake? You have the power to choose whether to install the Zoom app for Slack individually (for those with a Zoom account) or deploy it organization-wide, all with just a few straightforward steps. So, get ready to experience the dynamic duo of Zoom and Slack, making your virtual meetings a breeze! 📷🎙️✨

You can find the Zoom Slack App here

Microsoft Teams Calls

Slack is all about bringing teams closer for more efficient collaboration, but let's face it, sometimes face-to-face conversations are simply unbeatable. Enter the Microsoft Teams Calls app, here to make transitioning from chats to video calls a breeze.

Starting a Teams video call directly from Slack is a snap. Just use the /teams-calls slash command, and you're on your way. Before you join, take a quick peek to see who's already in the call and when it started – it's all about staying in the loop.

No more hunting for meeting links in a haystack of emails. Now, you can seamlessly hop from Slack right into your scheduled Teams meetings. Whether you're using the Outlook or Google Calendar apps, it's all about ease of access.

And guess what? You can even customize call settings for your team, making Microsoft Teams Calls your go-to calling provider. This means anyone can kick off a video call in Teams with a simple click of the phone button in Slack. It's all about making your collaboration smoother than ever!

Install the Microsoft Teams Calls app for Slack from here


The Dropbox for Slack app offers seamless collaboration, simplifying file sharing. It bridges your Dropbox content directly with Slack channels and private messages, all within your Dropbox workspace.

It's not just about sharing; it's about sparking discussions effortlessly. With this app, you can initiate Slack conversations right from your Dropbox files, ensuring your team stays on the same page and collaborates effectively.

Visual previews are a game-changer. This integration allows you to enjoy visual previews of Dropbox files within Slack conversations, keeping everyone informed and in sync with the latest updates.

Tracking collaboration is made easy. The Dropbox for Slack app provides handy file activity feeds within Dropbox, helping you keep tabs on who's working on your files and where they're being shared in Slack.

Whether you're simplifying file sharing, igniting discussions, enjoying visual previews, or monitoring collaboration activity, the Dropbox for Slack app is your trusted ally for a smoother and more efficient work experience! 

You can find the Dropbox for Slack here

Google Drive

Discover the magic of Google Drive within Slack! This integration takes your workspace to the next level of productivity.

You can create Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets files effortlessly right from Slack, eliminating the need for constant app-switching. Sharing becomes a breeze with the option to import existing files from Google Drive directly into your channels or direct messages.

Searching for specific content within Google Drive files shared in Slack is a breeze, saving you time and effort. Access control is automated, ensuring the right people have the necessary permissions.

Stay in the loop with real-time updates in Slack, including comments, access requests, and new shared files. Engage in smooth discussions by responding directly to comment notifications from within Slack, with the added bonus of having them posted to the relevant file.

With Google Drive integrated into Slack, your workflow becomes a harmonious blend of efficiency and collaboration, all within your Slack workspace!

You can find the Google Drive for Slack here

OneDrive and SharePoint

Elevate your Slack experience with seamless access to OneDrive and SharePoint Online files. This integration streamlines your workflow by allowing you to search, share, and preview your files without ever leaving Slack.

Sharing documents has never been easier. No need to juggle between tabs or hunt for links. Simply click the paperclip button or visit the OneDrive and SharePoint app's home tab within Slack to effortlessly search for files and share them with your team.

But that's not all – when you share a file link in Slack, the OneDrive and SharePoint app goes the extra mile. It adds a rich preview of the document, providing valuable context to you and your team before you even open the file.

Ensuring that the right people have access is a breeze. The app automatically checks permissions and offers to update the link if necessary, guaranteeing a smooth sharing experience.

You can find the OneDrive and SharePoint Slack application here

Adobe Status

The Adobe Status App for Slack is your go-to tool for keeping tabs on all the ins and outs of Adobe's cloud products and services. This app is your direct line to real-time updates, whether it's a minor hiccup, a service disruption, or just some routine maintenance.

Here's the deal: You're firmly in control. Take your pick of which Adobe products you want to hear about. Whether you're all about the Creative Cloud or you've got your eye on the Experience Cloud, it's your call. And if you're into specifics, you can even set the severity level for the issues that trigger notifications. Only interested in the big-league stuff? Simply opt for high-impact situation alerts.

But here's the real kicker: Getting this nifty app up and running is a breeze. Any Slack user with an Adobe Status event notification subscription can easily add it to a channel, making sure your whole team stays in the loop. So, seize the reins and keep your Adobe world humming along smoothly with the Adobe Status App for Slack! 

Add the Adobe Status app in your Slack workspace now.


Did you know that Baresquare also offers sharing tickets to Slack? You can instantly inform your team about a Baresquare ticket in real-time, allowing for faster resolution and more efficient communication. This means that you'll be able to keep your team up-to-date on important issues and provide them with the information they need to get the job done. Learn more about how to share a Baresquare ticket to Slack in our related article!


In our article, we've taken a closer look at some fantastic Slack applications that can supercharge your productivity and make team communication a breeze. These apps cover a wide range of tasks, from seamlessly integrating email and calendars to effortlessly sharing files and collaborating with popular tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and SharePoint. We've also explored how Adobe Status keeps you in the loop about Adobe's cloud services and how Zapier acts as your trusty sidekick for automating tasks and data-sharing between Slack and other apps. Whether you're looking to enhance your email communication, sync your calendar, simplify file sharing, or automate your workflow, these Slack apps offer a variety of solutions to make your work smoother and more collaborative. So, dive in and discover how they can make your work life a whole lot easier! 

In wrapping up our exploration of these game-changing Slack applications, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences. Which app resonated with you the most, and how do you envision supercharging your team's workflow? The possibilities are endless, and we'd love to hear about your Slack adventures. As you dive into the world of enhanced collaboration, remember that the key to unlocking productivity is just a Slack app away. Happy Slacking!

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