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Customer Acquisition (Business)

Customer Acquisition (Business)

Monitor the customer acquisition data of your eCom store, at scale.


Customer Acquisition (Business) is a premium and no-code tool that automates the process of identifying anomalies in customer acquisition data for e-commerce websites.

Every day the app

  • monitors the following data:
  • ~Dimensions
  • ~~Device
  • ~~Channel
  • ~~Channel details
  • ~~Entry pages
  • Metrics
  • ~~Sessions
  • ~~Engagement rate
  • ~~Transactions
  • ~~Revenue
  • find outliers using our best-in-class anomaly detection
  • performs automated analysis using our advanced algorithms and
  • ~groups similar cases together
  • ~attributes the outliers to the proper source
  • ~finds the top contributors that drove the change
  • ~correlates the performance of different metrics
  • raises tickets for the most important incidents

If you want to know more about how it works, check out our Platform page.

Who is it for

The Customer Acquisition (Business) app is the perfect tool for you:

  • if you work with Google Analytics data for an e-commerce stores
  • if you want to monitor for improvements in how you acquire and convert customers
  • If you want to ensure you never miss an important change in your customer acquisition data
  • If you want to save time by receiving prioritized daily business insights and actions for:
  • ~ untracked or mistracked paid campaigns
  • ~ SEO issues and opportunities
  • ~ bot traffic that pollutes your data
  • ~ issues that hurt your user experience UX
  • ~ how effectively you convert your acquired customers
  • ~ ... and many more!

With the Customer Acquisition (Business), you can rest assured that you won't miss an important change in your data. No more time-consuming manual checks. No more unnoticed opportunities and issues - the app will identify them for you.

Get Started

Identify hidden gems in your data with Customer Acquisition (Business). Here's how to get started:

  1. Sign up for a free Baresquare account.
  2. Select the 'Google Analytics 4 - Customer Acquisition (Business)' from the Apps page.
  3. Connect to Google Analytics and choose the GA4 account you want to monitor.
  4. Let Customer Acquisition do its magic.
  5. Review daily tickets to focus your daily operations on what needs your immediate attention.


To configure the Customer Acquisition (Business), you’ll need a Google Analytics 4 account and a moderate volume of website traffic.

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