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404 Error Hound

Boost your website's UX & SEO by hunting down & fixing website errors with AI Power


Welcome to the future of website health! Say hello to 404 Error Hound – your AI-powered watchdog, relentlessly sniffing out website errors so you don't have to. It's like adding an extra member to your tech team, one who works tirelessly to ensure your website is running at peak performance.

Every day, 404 Error Hound scans data from GA4 - analyzing page titles, pageviews, session channels, and page referrers. Rather than just flagging up an error, our clever hound categorizes errors based on their originating traffic source - be it paid, non-paid, or internal. This way, we don't just detect problems; we group them by commonality and propose relevant solutions, making your troubleshooting tasks a piece of cake!

So, enter the new era of effective error management. Join the 404 Error Hound pack today, and let the hunt for website errors begin with a 30-days free trial!

Who is it for

If you're an indie maker, blogger, business owner, or a corporation operating multiple websites, 404 Error Hound is for you!

Indie Makers: Embrace the power of AI and keep your digital pages on their best behavior. Don’t lose out on potential revenue due to pesky website errors. Our hound has your back!

💼 Businesses: Error detection, sorted. Keep your website healthy and robust even during peak traffic periods. No more customer frustration or lost sales from unseen problems.

🚀 Blog Owners: Keep your content accessible and ready for your readers at all times. Don't let trivial errors interfere with your blogging journey or your reader's experience.

🌐 Large Corporations: Own the peace of mind you crave with seamless error detection and reporting across thousands of webpage assets spanning multiple countries and languages.

👩💻 Freelance Web Developers: Proofing your projects has never been so easy! Deliver polished websites and show off your professional edge to your clients.

404 Error Hound not only safeguards your user experience but also boosts your site's SEO by reducing bounce rates and improving overall website health. No matter what your website's mission might be, let's make "page not found" a thing of the past together! Unleash the Hound today.

Get Started

Start your quest to a seamless website error solution with 404 Error Hound. Here's how you kick-start the journey:

  1. Sign up for a free Baresquare account.
  2. Select the '404 Error Hound' from the Apps page.
  3. Seamlessly connect to your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) account within a minute and start your free trial.
  4. Let 404 Error Hound unleash its advanced AI features to sniff out your errors.
  5. Get detailed reports of detected website errors, categorized by root causes, and take action to squash those bugs!

Welcome to a world without error pageviews. Happy hunting!


To configure the 404 Error Hound, you’ll need a Google Analytics 4 account and a moderate volume of website traffic.

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