Act on every insight.

The Baresquare platform has a three-part action system designed to work however you do.

Action Detection:
Never miss a metric that matters.

Our 24/7 anomaly detection tracks site or campaign performance and surfaces issues before they become problems.
Providing root cause analysis and clear to-do tickets for your team, you’ll know exactly why something happened, what needs to be fixed, and how.
It’s data, served neat.

Collaborate seamlessly with teams.

Baresquare’s daily dashboards notify team leads with clear, prioritized action items based on your business’ unique needs.
Our Integrated Knowledge Base then captures every action taken so you can streamline workflows, track progress, and do more with your data—and your teams.


Choose the right person to notify.


Promote or demote alerts based on your strategy


Log every action in the Knowledge Base for future reference.


Finish tasks and teach the system what success looks like.

Drive efficiency with automation.

Based on your previous actions, approvals, and automations, Baresquare’s AI learns what metrics matter most to your business, and gets smarter over time. The more actions you take, the better our predictions and recommendations become.
Approve. Amend. Automate. Repeat.

Want to see it in action?

Built with IT needs top of mind.

Secure SaaS environment
We employ best-in-class SaaS standards to support your business needs securely, and at scale.
Built-in GDPR compliance
GDPR compliance tools that are specific to your data policy are already embedded in our technology.
Plug & play integrations
Our API integrates with the most popular databases and collaboration tools.